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Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
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McGill University
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Z. Zilic - Former Graduate Students


  1. Ravdeep Singh Boparai, M. Eng. 2017-2018. Thesis: Secure Simultaneous Sensor Sourcing Now: Engineer, Sherbrooke
  2. Majid Janidarmian, Ph. D. 2011-2017. Thesis: Wearable Sensing and Feedback with Applications in Health and Lifestyle Now: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
  3. Atena Roshan Fekr, Ph. D. 2011-2016. Thesis: Respiration Tracking: Through a Wearable e-Health Monitoring System Now: University of Toronto
  4. Steve Ding, M. Eng. 2013-2016. Thesis: The Design of a Wearable Electrocardiogram and Sensor Measurement Platform Now: McGill U.
  5. Andrey Tolstikhin, M. Eng. 2014-2017. Thesis: Secure Data Aggregation in IoT Now: McGill U.
  6. Jonathan Bohbot, M. Eng. 2012-2016. Thesis: Mood Recongition and Memory Assessment System Design Now: McGill U.
  7. Ari Ramdial, M. Eng. 2012-2016. Thesis: Metabolism Modeling Now: CEO, Knoxx.
  8. Bojan Mihajlovic, Ph. D. 2008-2015. Thesis: Infrastructure for Multi-threaded and Real-time Debug Now: Synopsys Inc.
  9. Jason Tong, Ph. D. 2008-2015. Thesis: Providing an Infrastructure for Assertion-Based Test Generation and GPU-Accelerated Mutation Testing Now: Intel Corp.
  10. Sayeeda Sultana, Ph. D. 2008-2015. Thesis: Synthesis, Design and Test of Reversible Circuits Employing Classical Techniques Now: Intel Corp.
  11. Dimitrios Stamoulis, M. Eng. 2013-2014. Thesis: Reliability-Aware Design Tool for Transistor Variability Modeling Now: Carnegie-Mellon, USA
  12. Benjamin Nahill, M. Eng. 2011-2014. Thesis: The Design of a Wearable Multi-Sensor Measurement Platform Now: MIT, USA
  13. Travis Manderson, Ph. D. 2014-2014. Thesis: Now: School of Computer Science, McGill U.
  14. Alexandre Courtemanche, M. Eng. 2011-2014. Thesis: The Design of Flexible Embedded System Platform Now: Motsai Inc., Montreal
  15. Mohan Neishabouri, Ph. D. 2010-2013. Thesis: Debug Instrumentation and Fault-Tolerant Techniques for On-Chip Networks Now: AMD, Toronto
  16. Omid Sarbishei, Ph. D. 2010-2013. Thesis: Arithmetic System Optimization and Verification Now: Motsai Inc., Montreal
  17. Danny Sarraf, M. Eng. 2010-2013. Thesis: Ensuring Quality of Assertions and Assertion Coverage
  18. Cheng Zhang, Ph. D. 2011-2013. Now: MOSIS Analog Devices, Ottawa, Ontario
  19. Kanishka Jayawardene, M. Eng. 2010-2012. Thesis: A Human Head Motion Monitoring System Based on an Inertial Measurement Unit Now: Autopro Automation, Calgary
  20. Luca Montesi, M. Eng. 2010-2012. Thesis: Use of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Devices to Implement a Non-volatile FPGA Based on a Pre-existing Architecture Now: Pilot, St. Martin
  21. Rozita Najafi-Nejad, M. Eng. 2009-2012. Thesis: Oversampled multi-phase time domain bit-error rate processing for transmitter testing Now: Recently Graduated
  22. Edin Kadric, M. Eng. 2010-2011. (co-supervised with N. Manjikian) Thesis: An FPGA Implementation for a High-Speed Optical Link with a PCIe Interface Now: Ph. D. Student, University of Pennsylvania
  23. Jean-Samuel Chenard Ph. D. 2006-2012. Thesis: Hardware-based temporal logic checkers for the debugging of digital integrated circuits. Now: His Own Company, Montreal
  24. Vivek Kallankara (co-supervised with K. Radecka). M. Eng. 2008-2010. Thesis: Distributed Systems Debugging and Monitoring. Now: General Electric, Toronto
  25. Omar Abdelfattah (co-supervised with A. Swidan) M. Eng. 2009-2011. Thesis: Analog to Residual Conversion Now: Ph. D. student at McGill
  26. Yu Pang (co-supervised with K. Radecka) Ph. D. 2008-2011. Thesis: Optimization of fixed-point circuits represented by Taylor Series and real-valued polynomials including analysis of precision and range. Now: Professor, Chongqing University
  27. James Grabowski Ph. D. student 2009-2010. Now: law/business student
  28. Yongquan John Fan, Ph. D. 2006-2009. Thesis: Test, Debug and Validation of High-Speed Serial Interface. Now: Texas Instruments, Dallas
  29. Atanu Chattopadhyay, Ph. D. 2006-2009. Thesis: Dual-reference Post-silicon Reconfigurable Clock Distribution Networks. Now: PMC-Sierra, Montreal
  30. Ivan Bilicki, M. Eng. 2008-2011. Thesis: Cache Line Reservation: Exploring a Scheme for Cache-friendly Object Allocation. Now: IBM Canada, Toronto
  31. Nathaniel Azuelos, M. Eng. 2007-2011. (co-supervised with W.J. Gross). Thesis: An Integrated Functional Solution for Multi-Core Programming on the Cell Broadband Engine. Now: Ph. D. student at Technion
  32. Henry Hoi Yun Chan, Ph. D. 2002-2008, Thesis: Design Automation and Optimization of Mixed-Signal Circuits. Now: IBM Microelectronics
  33. Stephan Bourduas, Ph. D. 2001-2008, Thesis: Modeling, Evaluation and Implementation of Ring-based Interconnects for Networks-on-Chip. Now: Intel Corp. Boston
  34. Marc Boule, Ph. D. 2002-2008, Thesis: Assertion Checker Synthesis for Emulation, Debugging and On-line Monitoring.Now: ETS Montreal
  35. Yann Oddos (exchange student in 2008, co-supervised by D. Borrione and K. Morin-Allory). Now: TIMA, Grenoble.
  36. Bojan Mihajlovic, M. Eng. 2005-2007, Thesis:Compressing and Securing Wireless Test Infrastructure.(co-supervised with K.Radecka)
  37. Kahn-Li Lim, M.Eng. 2003.-2006 Thesis: Design and Test of Robust Multi-level High-speed Serial Interfaces. Now: Intel Corp. Vancouver
  38. Alya Al-Dhaher, M. Eng. 2003.-2006. Thesis: Test Pattern Generation for Assertion Coverage. (co-supervised with K.Radecka)
  39. Milos Prokic, M. Eng. 2003.-2006. Thesis: Low-Rate Personal Area Network Coordinator Design and Implementation Now: Adaltis Inc. Montreal. Dean's Honor List
  40. Jean-Samuel Chenard, M. Eng. 2003.-2005. Thesis: A Development Platform for Wireless Embedded Systems. Now: Ph. D. student
  41. Ahmed Usman Khalid, M. Eng. 2003.-2005. Thesis: FPGA Emulation of Quantum Circuits. Now: Little Boy Games, Vancouver. (co-supervised with K. Radecka)
  42. Rong Zhang, M. Eng. 2003.-2006. Thesis: Low-Power Software Self-Test for Wireless Network Nodes. Now: recently graduated (co-supervised with K. Radecka)
  43. Sayeeda Sultana, M. Eng. 2004.-2006. Thesis: Reversible Quantum Cellular Automata. Now: Ph. D. Student. (co-supervised with K. Radecka)
  44. Dmitri Maslov, Postdoc, 2005-2006. Topic: Reversible Synthesis. Now: National Science Foundation, Washington DC.
  45. Alpha Oumar Barry, M. Eng. 2000-2006. Thesis: Assertion Based Verification of Graphics Processors in Multiprocessors. Now: ATI, Toronto
  46. Jean-Francois Boland, Ph. D. 2002.-2007. Thesis: A Multi-Abstraction Level Verification of Complex Systems. Now: Assistant Prof., ETS, Mtl.
  47. Mao Lan, M. Eng. 2001.-2004. Graduation Project: Model of CSMA/CA Protocol Implementation, Now: Recently Graduated.
  48. Benjamin Kuo, M. Eng. 2002.-2004. Thesis: Modeling and Evaluation of Hierarchical Ring Interconnect for SoC Multiprocessors, Now: Sony, TW
  49. Kin Lam Chiu, M. Eng. 2001.-2004 Thesis: MAC Implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 Network Now: Cirrus Corp., Taiwan
  50. John Yongquan Fan, M. Eng. 2001.-2003 Thesis: Testing for Bit Error Rate in FPGA s. Dean's Honor List Now: Agere, Allentown,USA
  51. Bassel Kassem, M. Eng. 2002.-2003 Project: Improved Hardware Two-level Optimizer Now: Unknown (co-supervised with M. Marin)
  52. Fang Wang, Ph. D. 2002-2003 (co-supervised with K. Radecka at Concordia University) Now: ATI, Toronto
  53. Man-Wah Chiang, M. Eng. 2001.-2004 Thesis: Layered Approach to Designing Test Interfaces Now: CSM, Taiwan
  54. Yunping Wang, M. Eng. 2001-2002 Project: Systems on Chip Now: Unknown
  55. Atanu Chattopadhyay, M. Eng. 2000.-2004 Thesis: High-speed Structures for Dynamically Clocked Systems Now: Ph.D. student of mine
  56. Marc Boule, M. Eng. 2000-2002. Thesis: FPGA Move Generator for the Game of Chess Dean's Honor List Now: Ph.D. student of mine
  57. Stuart McCracken, M. Eng. 2000-2002. Thesis: A Scheme for Speeding up Reconfigurable Device Testing and Diagnosis Now: Analog Devices
  58. Henry Hoi Yun Chan, M. Eng. 1999-2001. Thesis: Modeling and Suppression of Substrate-Coupled Noise in Mixed-Signal Circuits Now: Ph.D. student of mine
  59. Yanai Danan, M. Eng. 1999-2002. Thesis: HANP: A Highly Adaptive Network Processor Now: IBM Microelectronics
  60. Boris Polianskikh, M. Eng. 1999-2001. Thesis: Fault Tolerant and Yield-Improved Embedded Memories Now: Veco Canada
  61. Weiwen Zhu, M. Eng. 1999-2001. Thesis: Design and Modeling of Mixed Synchronous-Asynchronous and Hardware-Software Systems Now: Synopsys
  62. Ghassan Fayad, M. Eng. 2000-2001. Thesis: Co-Design and Synthesis for Multimedia Applications Now: Network Consultant, Paris
  63. Ian Brynjolfson, M. Eng. 1999-2001. Thesis: Dynamic Clock Management Circuits for Low Power. Dean's honour list. Now: Analog Devices, USA
  64. Albert Au, M. Eng. 1999-2001. (co-supervised with T. Szymanski) Thesis: A Scalable Fiber Optic Local Area Network Demonstrator. Dean's honour list Now: LogicVision, Ottawa