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Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
Department of Electical & Computer Engineering
McGill University
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H3A 2A7

Z. Zilic - Graduate Students and Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ph. D.

  1. Anastasios Alexandridis
  2. Ghassan Al-Sumaidaee
  3. Pavel Sinha (co-supervised with I. Psaromiglikos)
  4. Mohammad Baba
  5. Hossein Anabestani (co-supervised with S. Bhadra)


M. Sc.

  1. Alfred Wang
  2. Yicheng Song
  3. Shaluo Wu
  4. Guanyi Heng
  5. Garrett Kinman
  6. Yuxiang Ma
  7. Zice Tang
  8. Katyayani Prakash
  9. Juan Carlos Borges
  10. Miguel Angel Alfaro Zapata
  11. Juan Morency Trudel