PSL/VHDL Syntax Highlighting in Vim

I've been working with PSL/Sugar lately to verify some VHDL code. Anyone who's ever coded knows how useful syntax highlighting is, so when I started editing PSL, I was quite annoyed to find that there no syntax highlighting available iin Vim for PSL. I did some searching on the net and found this user contributed syntax file for PSL/Verilog. I tried using posted syntax file 'as is', but it wouldn't work for me. I spent about an hour going through some vimdocs and was able to get it to work with VHDL.

I created a file called psl.vim which contains the syntax highlighting definitions for PSL and VHDL. In order to use the file, you need to put it in ~/.vim/syntax. To get vim to automatically load the PSL highlight definitions when you open a file ending in .psl, add the following to your ~/.vimrc file

autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.psl setfiletype psl

Before the PSL keywords are defined, I've added the following which will load the VHDL syntax definitions:

" include VHDL syntax
runtime! syntax/vhdl.vim

" include Verilog syntax
" runtime! syntax/verilog.vim
If you want to work with Verilog instead, you can comment out the VHDL line and uncomment the verilog one.
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psl syntax highlighting in vim

Thanks for that, I've downloaded it and am using it successfully!


Great work

Great work.....really very helpful..

Good Job Stephan!

I concur...great work Stephan!
Easy to implement and now I have PSL syntax


Great Work!!!

Great Stephan...

I just used it for my PSL files......